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Thank you for visiting my store!

Who is Attic 906?

​I was born and raised in Indiana. I came to the Upper Peninsula on vacation in August of 1997. I returned home, sold my house and relocated to the UP in November of 1997. Yes, a transplant, but once I came here, I had to live here and raise my children here. I never looked back! They call it Someplace Special, and that really is true! I call it magical!


So it went like this. I was retired from the mines and fell in love with doing photography. It became a new hobby for sure. Yet still, after decades of programming and computer work all day, I missed that! So I started playing with photo editing, then creating designs on products and building a website, and it all just fell into place. My print on demand hobby business was born.


I hope you enjoy my products. I know they may not be for everyone. But to those who buy my products, thank you! Just know I enjoyed creating the design for you right here in the Upper Peninsula.


All my designs are copyrighted to Attic 906 LLC.

​What about the Products?

​My products are printed to order just for you! I don't stock in a store or warehouse, so every order is unique. My products are only available online.


I try to choose good quality products over best price among the hundreds of products available. I want you to enjoy the product for years!

All products are printed in the USA (unless otherwise noted in the product description), but the product may or may not be made in the USA, depending upon supplier availability. Products will only ship to the USA.

I will do custom products. So if you like a design but want it on a different product or different color, for example, send me a request. I'll do the best I can but note, not all designs will work on all products.


​If you have a comment or a request for a product, please fill out the Contact Form in the page footer and click Submit or send us an email at I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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